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Competition Time

Competition Time

Published On: 19 April 2014

Roman Brooch Competition 16yrs and over - £50 Prize - In conjunction with Moffat Book Events

A gold, Roman Fibula was found near Moffat and a silver replica of it is housed in the MoffatMuseum. The gold brooch is in the Los Angeles Museum (LACMA) and negotiations to borrow it from there are currently underway. No one knows the circumstances of how the brooch was lost.

The competition is to write 500 words, a story from the first person of what happened to the fibula entitled “How my Fibula was lost in Caledonia” The story must contain the facts about the brooch and a feasible set of circumstances which might have occurred. The fictional text must be written in italics.

The entries will be judged on:

  1. Successful inclusion of the majority of facts about the brooch
  2. The feasibility of the fictional elements in the story
  3. The quality of the narrative.

Entries to be submitted to Moffat Museum By 30th September 2014

For useful notes from the Royal Commission of Ancient and Historical Monuments and biblography please email lesley@buckrig.co.uk